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Why Tech Workers Love Hoverboards

why-tech-workers-love-hoverboardsAs it is, we are in the era of millennials, of fierce 20-somethings who take to social media for just about anything with such frankness that could make the elderly gulp in awe. This world has become a world of tech geeks, too. And there’s no better way to draw both ideals than hoverboards.

Why not? It is quite common to see people in corporate outfits (or not so!) roaming around offices in this popular ride. Hoverboards, in many ways, define how the millennial mind works – a sense of boldness, entitlement, and financially sensible. After all, hoverboard price points only range from $300 to $600. That’s a whole lot cheaper then purchasing and maintaining a car.

Corporate Makeover

The corporate setting has changed a lot in recent years. Much of the offices, especially those in the business of technology development and relevant industries, command a playful vibe. The office culture turned out to become aggressive and freewheeling.

In modern-day office setting, a good number of workers ride hoverboards to go from one room to another, from the offices to the pantry, and everywhere else. They also wear cute OOTDs (outfits-of-the-day) to work, use the megaphone for announcements that were previously served in a form of memo slips, and bring along a pet friend upon time-in. It may not be the most ideal, formal, or conventional surrounding that it used to be but the powers-that-be found it more conducive for great ideas to actually happen. Tech workers are encouraged to harness the best ideas when they are in a freewheeling environment than a pretty controlled one.

Hoverboards Have Become Part of the Tech Workers’ Lifestyle

The innovation in the office setting was mostly accompanied by the rise of hoverboards in popular culture. The gliding gadgets obviously captured the heart of many. In fact, they were the gift of choice for people across generation. Everybody loves them; everybody wants to have them.

Since the use of hoverboards on the streets and pavements of London is kept closely watched by the Metropolitan Police Force and is actually banned with the existence of an old law, people constantly sought for ways on how to maximize their gliding power on hoverboards. Thus, many decided to go about their workday on the pressure-sensitive gadget and have fun in the office like they never had before.

What’s with the Hoverboard?

What made hoverboards as popular as they are now? Well, they made the Segway technology and hovering along a lot more fun. Without the handle bars and the pole that characterize the Segway, it would seem like someone is gliding along on a hoverboard, especially if the rider’s feet are out of sight. In reality, however, you are simply riding a scooter affront, making an impressive balancing act that allows you to speed away or slow down, turn corners or straight ahead, depending on your riding preference.

Hoverboards are easily steered and works very efficiently and safely, depending, of course, on the brand or quality that you are putting your money on. All those great things about the gliding device did not only capture the attention of its market but of industry experts as well.

2015 was an amazing year for hoverboards. CNN named them the coolest pieces of technology that were presented at a Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January. Afterwards, they appeared at awards shows, tech shows, and talk shows, making them the hottest craze that figured in every holiday basket by the end of the year. It’s not only in the United States or London. The craze was on in the rest of the world, too. Hoverboards created a global phenomenon, which made them part of the modern lifestyle.

These days, it is no longer unusual to see people tinkering with their hoverboards just about everywhere. They ride on it indoors and outdoors, too, whenever possible. Take note that UK laws do not cover the area directly in front of the driveway, so they can ride them there. People ride on hoverboards while dancing, while working, while doing daily chores, and whatnots. They have become constant in various scenes, especially in office setting.

Do we see any decline on the hoverboard popularity in the near future? We are afraid not. Now that hoverboards are being seen beyond their value as a toy, expect more people to get on the ride. The cost does not really matter.

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