Colours and Styles of Front Doors

Front doors aren’t just a means of getting in and out of your home. This portal to your house is also a design feature in its own right, and so getting it right can feel like a big deal. Find out composite door prices here:

There’s no shame about being fussy about how your door looks, especially as it’s likely to be set there for a while. If you choose s uPVC or composite door, you will have a surprisingly wide variety of options open to you.

Wood effect

Just because you’ve had a uPVC door installed doesn’t mean you have to opt for the classic white colour. Instead, you can pretty much have any style you want.

There are plenty of manufacturers who make very convincing wood-effect doors that will be visually in-keeping with your home, no matter what decade it was built in.

Simple colours

When you’re working with something as simple and efficient and uPVC, you have a number of colour options available to you. It’s well worth contacting your manufacturer to discuss the full range of swatches open to you.

For some, pure white might be the best and most classic option. For others with perhaps more quirky and striking homes, it might be worth looking at other colours. Cool pastels or bright pops of colour could create a visual focal point.

Composite doors

White composite front door

These are one of the most modern designs of door available for your home. Instead of being mostly composed of uPVC and glass, or just wood, their robustness comes for a variety of materials.

Composite doors often look quite modern and stylish. However, that’s not to say there’s no room to add classic touches to them. Adding a burst of colour or a traditional wood grain could look quite in keeping with an older property.

Metal doors

If you want that modern, Scandi-chic feeling, then a robust metal door could add a neutral but stylish dimension to your home. If you choose not to paint-over the metal surface, the look could be one that is completely timeless.

Metal doors can look particularly striking in modern builds. If you don’t like the idea of one, solid metal colour, then distressed metals are an option that’s worth considering.

Georgian and Victorian

Georgian Front Door

These are incredibly popular with those who aren’t too at home with the idea of a bulky, modern door. Georgian and Victorian-style front doors can be seen on many townhouses or even some modern semi-detached properties.

They often have two indoor panes, a knocker and a letterbox below them. They add old-fashioned simplicity to any property, even if it’s not from either the Georgian or Victorian era, and you can get this style in pretty much any material you want.

The world is your oyster when it comes to picking a front door these days; you can have any style, from any era in any material you want.

The only considerations are what functions you want the material to carry out and whether it will look right on your property.