Composite Door Costs

For those who are particularly concerned about the security of their home, composite doors are an ultimate way to put your mind at rest.

These doors are made from a combination of uPVC, fibreglass, and metal, which means they are incredibly sturdy. They are also particularly efficient at keeping out the cold during the frostier months.

If you are considering factoring in the price of a composite door into your budget, then there are some price considerations to browse through.


Front Door production quality

Believe it or not, there are different types of insulation when it comes to composite doors. Some use a laminated type of wood to insulate heat, while others use polyurethane foam.

The foam is very a very effective insulator, but it is cheaper. Those that use the sealed wood tend to be a bit more pricey.

Regardless, the combination of hardwood, uPVC and galvanised steel makes composite doors arguably one of the most robust on the market.

Discounted styles

What happens to be in vogue very much depends on the times. If you’re lucky enough to pick a style that is currently ‘on-trend,’ you’ll find that it will be slightly cheaper, or perhaps even discounted. More obscure and unusual styles may cost you a pretty penny by comparison.


Different prices for different colours is not always a consideration for some manufacturers, so this depends.

It’s commonplace for most manufacturers to charge more for uPVC products in colours such as brown, anthracite grey and Chartwell green.

There is usually quite a wide variety of colours to pick from, too, so you’ll rarely be stuck for choice between colour and cost.


Front Door Glass

As one might expect from such a robust door, all glass that’s fitted within composite doors is double-glazed. This will come as standard as part of the price.

The only time you might see a price hike is if you opt for more stylised glass, such as coloured leaded. Otherwise, you should consider double-glazing to be a standard feature.

Straight from the supplier

If you are buying your composite door straight from the supplier, then the cheaper end will cost just over £500, and up to £600. Companies such as Endurance are a trusted UK manufacturer of Composite Doors.

However, if you want to go all out on features and materials, then you could expect it to reach up to £1,400.


It’s advised that with a door that’s so heavy that you don’t go about installing this yourself, unless you have the skills and knowledge to do so. Otherwise, fitting your composite door will cost around the region of £300- £400 on top of the cost of the frame.

The cost of your composite door will depend entirely on your supplier, the installer and the style you pick. Opting for more stylish and expensive materials could see the cost of your door almost double. However, it’s good to know that even the cheaper-end of composite doors are just as effective at keeping your home safe, warm and secure.