Colours and styles of Double Glazing

When it comes to fitting your home with double glazing, one of the biggest choices you’ll make is the window styles.

Picking out colours and styles is all part of the process of getting your home looking just right.

Contrary to many beliefs, double glazed windows can look classic and old as well as modern; it’s all about the style you pick.


Wooden window frame

For those who can’t bear the sight of plastic-effect double-glazing, this is the best option. Because woodgrain plastics are synthetic, you can get it to match your preferred colour and tone.

If you want to add a natural texture to the front of your home, then this is likely to be the best option for you.

Opting for synthetic woodgrains also means you can have colours and textures that would be far more expensive to purchase if they were the real deal; not to mention more high maintenance.

You can get everything from mahogany to rose wood, and maybe even paler woods if you’re opting for a brighter aesthetic.

Dual colour

Not everybody wants the same colour on the inside as on the outside. For example, if you like your windowsills to be full of trinkets and decorations, you may want a brilliant white to create a clean and bright surface.

Dual colour double-glazing lets you pick one colour for the outside and one on the inside.


Monochrome frames, so on the white to black scale, are particularly common with UPVC frames. White, black or a metallic grey could look incredibly stylish on the right home, ideal window styles for 2020.

Casement windows and modern builds look particularly great in these simple and elegant colours.

Casement windows

Casement windows are perhaps one of the most common styles of modern windows. The sash (or sashes) is held in place by one (or maybe more) hinges.

These could have any number of panes within them; it’s then just a matter of picking a style that’s right for your home. Picking a woodgrain texture with a more complex casement window design could suit a home that is more classic windows.

Georgian bar

Georgian Bar Windows

If you have a period home or one that has distinctive classic features, you may want your windows to reflect this.

Georgian bar windows are perhaps one of the most classic-designs, and they visually look at home in older properties that would have had this style of glass pattern.

Tilt and turn

If you live on the bottom floor of a block of flats and want to get air circulating, then tilt and turn is one of the best options you can get.

These have the option to open fully or open fully wide. This means you can get a draught going through your home by opening the top by a crack, or you can open it fully to enjoy a fuller breeze.

The style and colour you go for will depend entirely on your taste and the style of your home. Complimenting your home’s features is the best way of ensuring that your windows don’t jar with the physical appearance of your house.

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