Solar Roof Tiles What Are The Advantages

  • What are Solar Roof Tiles?
  • Solar Panel Funding
  • How Much can you save on energy bills with Solar Roof Tiles?
  • What are the advantages of Solar Roof Tiles?
  • Is it Worth Installing Solar Roof Tiles in 2021?

What are Solar Roof Tiles?

Solar roof tiles are an appealing option for any homeowners wanting to convert to solar powered renewable energy sources. Especially if you happen to live in a conservation area or a listed building.

The main attraction for homeowners looking to install solar roof tiles. Or solar shingles as they are also known is the visual effect.

Solar shingles unlike traditional solar panels are almost invisible to the naked eye.

The solar PV system is integrated into the roof tile. Making it almost unseen from the ground when looking up at the roof space.

This makes them ideal for homeowners who have to apply to their local authorities before installing. As they are much more likely to be passed for home improvements, unlike traditional solar panels.

They are also very attractive for any homeowners who just want to reduce their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and more without the eye soar of traditional solar panels on their roof space.

Solar Panel Funding

Solar panel fundingĀ is not a government backed scheme! It is solely funded by their unique funding system.

Once the customer has been assessed for the solar panel grant, should they not qualify we have a range of other options.

including part solar panel funding.

Or Solar Panel Funding LTD works very closely with a board of nationwide installers that all provide funding opportunities to help spread the initial outlay of solar roof shingles or Solar panels.

Upon speaking to the customer if we asserted that they do not qualify for a solar panel grant.

We would at this point discuss their suitability for one of the other funding options available.

Providing the customer is willing to proceed. We will arrange a free no-obligation home survey on the customers behalf, with one of our trusted high quality installers that covers their postcode.

Solar Panel Funding then receive a fee for this referral.

A portion of this referral fee is then entered into our funding pot.

This fund is a set aside so that we can provide the installation of free solar panels to those clients that qualify and meet the criteria.

This way the customer gets a free no obligation home survey and can get all the facts and options available to them.

Follow the link here to get Solar Panel Funding Today

How Much can you save on energy bills with Solar Roof Tiles?

Solar roof tiles can create significant reductions in your household energy bills. The exact amount is hard to predict as there are so many contributing factors.

Such as the type of system installed, the location and direction of your roof space. Plus depending on the agreement you sign up to with your energy provider this will determine the amount you receive back in Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments.

Find out more about the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariffs here.

What are the advantages of Solar Roof Tiles?

solar roof tiles vs solar panels

The benefits of solar shingles are truly amazing not only are they more durable, but they are also easy to maintain and have a stunning visual effect unlike large bothersome solar panels attached to your roof space.

They also have a longer life span than traditional solar panels. Solar roof tiles can last up to 40 years and can with stand all types of UK weather conditions.

Because they form part of the roof tile this makes them much more durable when compared to larger solar panels.

Solar panels are mounted on top of the existing roof space making them vulnerable to extreme weather including rain, hale and strong winds.

All of these weather conditions over time can weaken and eventually damage your solar PV system.

This is not the case with solar roof tiles as they are built into the design of the roof tile. This forms a solar PV system that is protected from extreme weather and makes the tile more durable than even a standard roof tile.

Is it Worth Installing Solar Roof Tiles in 2021?

the power of the sun with solar roof tiles

Yes, we can confirm that in our expert opinion solar roof tiles have never been so attractive.

The benefits of these amazing systems have come a long way in the last decade. On top of this the government incentives are out there to help you with the transition to go green with solar power in 2021.

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