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Strategies For Successful Digital Marketing

MARKETING_banner-compressor-2This is the age of advanced digital excellence and creativity. Today, everyone ranging from a toddler to a grandfather in almost all homes are technology savvy and is acquainted with the latest gadgets and its use. The tools that are available for organizations for online marketing are so many including internet, direct to home television, MP3 players etc. All these marketing technologies are clubbed together as digital marketing.

Sometimes, people do not understand and differentiate internet marketing and digital marketing. However both of these categories are different even though they are inter related. Digital Marketing mostly use two main tools for promotion of goods which are:

Pull Strategy: This is the tool which an organization uses while creating a web page, blog, forum, video/audio streaming etc. This is done in order to create attract attention of the consumers who might search for the products online.

Push Strategy : Just like its name, this strategy diligently pushes the information directly into the prospective consumers through messages, RSS feeds, Podcasts, Phone

Both these strategies have their own disadvantages and advantages while used as digital marketing and has to be used accordingly.

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