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The Reason For Marketing Success: To Have A Marketing Funnel

600x300xbottom_of_the_funnel_metrics_600x3001.png.pagespeed.ic.WV4YoFYobiThe primary reason which drives many business into success is the by having an effective marketing funnel in its system. This is a process of converting a random stranger to be the customer of your product. This is strategically done by using a lot of techniques which makes him/her to move through your plan which is like a funnel. Marketing Funnel is further categorized into 4 main parts which are:

Awareness: In this stage the potential client is aware of the existence of this product or service. They may be random strangers who has just entered the website for something in particular. It is extremely important for you to retain their interest in the site, by showing them something that they would like. A call to action or a lead magnet is used to give them information on what they are looking for in exchange for their contact details, and you can also find out more about their visit to your website.

Interest: At this stage, they would have shown interest in some or any of your product. The information that has been collected before could be used here in order to show them that is more specific to them and their choice. This would also create a positive impact in their minds, as they would be happy as you have paid attention to their desires.

Content-marketing-funnel-600x474Desire: At this stage, there has been an interest shown by them in a service or product and they have all the information that is needed. Now a keen desire to own the product should be generated using an email or even call to action. You could make them realise how that product is going to help and improve them.

Action: This is the closest step to the actual buying of the product. In this step, you would have to convert this potential customer into a lead. The future customer has all the information required, knows the product as well as has the interest to buy them. In this step the consumer should be made aware of the price, payment options so as to make the decision.

This would not just help in getting new customers but would also encourage customers to buy from you repeatedly as the customer is most likely to have a positive buying experience. They might even tell others about your business which would bring a lot of business. This is an effective strategy that has been employed by many businesses with success. Knowingly and unknowingly we all must have encountered these strategies while being online.

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