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Leave Your Computer and Phone Alone before Bed – It’s Good for Your Health

leave-your-computer-and-phone-alone-before-bed-its-good-for-your-healthWhat time do you normally sleep? You might have noticed that a few years ago, you sleep earlier than the present. This is due to your incessant use of phones or computers. Even if it is already too late, you are still busy finishing your job on your laptop or chatting with your friend on your smartphone. This could be the reason why you can no longer sleep on time. This is why it is in your best interest to leave your computers and phones at least two hours before you hit the sack.

According to studies, the blue and white light given off by your phone and other electronic devices prevents your brain from releasing melatonin. This is the hormone that tells your body that it is nighttime and you have to sleep. After several years of using your phone before sleeping, your body clock has been messed up and it prevents you from sleeping on time.

Avoiding your electronic devices

You need to start changing your ways now. One of the best strategies is to read books instead. It does not have the lights coming from your phone that prevents you from sleeping. It also helps in order for you to fall asleep faster. If you wish to use your phone to set the alarm, then you can set it earlier than you sleeping time or just use voice assisted technology like Siri if you have an iPhone.

Another strategy is to go out with your friends more often or talk to them in person instead of chatting with them on your phone. In doing so, you have nothing else left to chat about. You have already talked with them for a long time. The moment you arrive home, you will just sleep.

Do something now

You can still readjust your body clock. You just have to change your ways for the better. You need to be disciplined and let go of your phone when it is time to sleep. You may also have to research on what is the best adjustable bed in case yours already needs to retire. You can keep doing this up until your body has gotten used to it.

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