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The Essential Pillars Of Digital Marketing

digitalMarketingTo develop a good and effective marketing strategy for any product or brand, it is essential to have seven fundamental pillars as the founding stones. It is important for any organization to have a fixed and well sorted out strategy if they want their marketing to work. If the product or the service has enough potential to market online then these are essential to build the digital marketing strategy.
Objective of Marketing: When the organization has decided to go ahead with marketing online, first thing that has to be assessed is the main objective. This has to clearly defined in the beginning as to what the basic and extended goals are for a specific period of time. The objective should not just be confined to financial needs but should be more aimed at the wholesome development of the organization. It would always be better for the organization to chart out its needs and goals specifically so as to ensure clarity.
The Target Audience: Once the objective is clear, the organization has to analyse its target audience. Always remember that your product/ service may not cater to everyone rather there would be a clear segment of people who are interested in buying your product. So understanding them would help you in deciding what sort of a strategy you should adopt so as to engage them.
Insight and required data: getting more and more information would always benefit in getting more clarity as well as insight. But just getting information and data is not enough. Only when it is converted into meaningful insights which could practically be executed, would help you achieve the desired results. So a good marketing professional should be able to analyse and understand the data that’s available and should be capable enough to convert it into effective strategies.
Right Platforms: Once you have the required data, the objectives and know the target audience, it is important to find the platform that is most apt the kind of marketing strategy that has been planned to put forth. Not every platform would be suitable, it is highly related to the target audience. Most of the organizations do intense research on all the available platforms, in order to identify which would work best for them.

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The Key To Successful Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing concept.There are many companies who are extremely successful in marketing online, all of them follow some basic strategies to achieve their goals. The important points which has helped them succeed are
URL text
Title tags
Mega tags, descriptions
Image names
ALT tags

Keywords are the primary factor in any digital marketing, this strategy is done to indicate the search engines about the content of your site. Search engines employ algorithms to calculate the keyword density of each sites, so it is important to choose such a keyword which would relate and describe the product or service that you offer. However, when people search for something, they are more likely to type out a whole phrase, than just mere words. So it would be ideal to include those likely related phrases in the content.

URL Address: The best way to boost traffic in your webpage and increase sales is by having the keywords as its URL address. The URL‘s are the initial things which a search engine would come across. So this is an extremely efficient strategy to be employed.
Meta tags or Description: These tags should be included in perfect match for the content, as when the search engine would filter contents using those Meta titles with which you would want your site to come up.
Title: These are the tags, formal description or titles of a document or a website. It would be displayed on the window of the browser and the search engine uses this to filter the contents. Always remember to use only the key words as the titles, this would ensure that your site would always come up during the general searches as well as the keyword specific searches too.
Image tags: Having tags for images are also an effective and practical strategy which could be used effectively for digital marketing. Remember to name all the images using as many keywords as possible. This would enable the search engine to optimize the results making sure that the ranking of your site is on the rise.

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The Top Digital Marketing Tips

5-common-digital-marketing-strategies-600x300Now there has been a huge rise of the online market. More and more have their presence online every day and there is a lot of selling and buying that’s happening over the internet. The trends of online marketing is also constantly on the change due to the overwhelming strength of the social media. So it is important for any business to constantly look for innovative and up to date trends to stay in touch with in its consumers.

Before considering new plans to increase digital marketing and online presence of your organizations, it is also important to be aware of the challenges that you might face too. Some of it are:  

  • Sometimes, a digital marketing strategy is executed without any proper planning. People and the prospective customers may not even notice it because of the vast advertisements and unique endorsements done particularly aimed at them. So it is vital to have a properly planned advertising strategy, so that your product and idea would stand out from the crowd.
  • Always remember to use the social media to your advantage. It is huge mode of opportunity that would enable you to personally connect with your audience. Studies also indicate how effective social media campaigns can be in boosting any product or service. When it is combined with the traditional modes of marketing. It is bound to bring in great results.
  • It is extremely important to identify your target audience and customer base before starting any sort of campaign. Only then, would you be able to successfully market your product or service to the right people. The audience has to feel the need of the product, then they are more likely to make a positive purchase decision.

For small or large business, it would be always better to go for content based digital marketing strategies.

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To Plan Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy

Not-enough-knowledge-about-online-marketingDue to cut throat competition, digital marketing has become vital for any business. But most often, hiring an advertising agency to do the job could become a costly affair which makes the business owners to think of unique and different ideas which could be incorporated into their online advertising plans. This is especially relevant for smaller organizations.

  • Cost of Time: The primary factor to be kept in mind is, time is equal to money. Since the business owners have no one else hired for the job, all the hours that they spend for their digital campaign would be lost on running their business. It would be better to analyse an hour‘s rate and then compare it to their need. If the need is found, then they could even plan on hiring some agency to help them out.
  • Before starting off any digital or traditional marketing strategy, it is always important to finalize on the budget. The budget has to be decided based on their need. Once the want or need is identified, it can easily be ascertained about how much to spend on it.
  • Employ A Freelancer: When the owners do not have a huge budget to hire an agency, they can still consider hiring someone to free-lance for them according to their need or want. He/she may be an expert in the marketing and would be able to successfully undertake this campaign. An expert of the area would be able to bring in a lot of professionalism to a scenario which would help the campaign to be successful.

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