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Laptop vs Desktop: Which One Is Right for You?

Computers are now important parts of the daily lives of many people. They are used for work, research, communication, entertainment, and more. There used to be only desktops as the choice when computers were introduced. With the continuous development of technology, laptops were developed, manufactured, and offered to the market. If you are purchasing a new computer and you are torn between purchasing a laptop or a desktop, there are factors to consider that will help you arrive in the right decision and we’ll go through them below.

Specifications and Cost

There are desktop computers that have higher specifications than laptops. If you are working on projects that require more space, higher graphics, or higher specifications in general, it would be easier to find a desktop that will fit your needs. They are also generally cheaper than laptops when it comes to cost. For instance, you can find the best laptop for $800, but you will get a desktop at a lower price than that. It’s true that you can now find powerful laptops that can also be used for projects that require high specifications. However, the price can be high too.


It is clear that laptops have the edge when it comes to portability. They can be moved from one place to another without any hassle. There are no cords or cables that you need to worry about. Since they are designed to be carried around, they are smaller, thinner, and more lightweight. Newer models are even more convenient to carry as they are slimmer and they weigh lesser. Desktops are not portable. They are meant to be used in a fixed area. It’s true that you can move them from one place to another but this will be very inconvenient as there are many cables and parts to remove and reassemble. Plus, you cannot use them while on the go as they need to be connected to the outlet. Laptops, on the other hand, can be used even while on the road as they run on battery.

Monitor Size

If your work requires bigger monitor or screen, desktops offer more options. Laptops also come in varying sizes. However, the choices are limited, since they were designed to be portable. Having huge screens will make them difficult to carry.


Your posture may not be one of the things that come in your mind when choosing between buying a laptop and desktop. However, this too is important, especially if you’re going to use your computer for an extended period. Specialists recommend that the computer is on the eye-level when used for good posture. You can easily adjust that with a desktop. This may not be the case with a laptop as it is often below eye level.

There is no one best option for everyone. A desktop might be the right option for one person, but a laptop might be the best choice for the other. Consider the factors listed above so you can determine which one is best for you.

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