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Taking Care of That Body after Working All Day

Taking Care of That Body after Your Daily Desk JobWhile desk jobs are what most people fancy, such jobs are most likely going to shelve off some of the years you are to live in this world. Many studies have found that, the 9-5 jobs are the leading causes of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and heart attacks. Most people have little time to exercise, eat poorly hence gain unwanted weight in the long run. Here is how to combat some of these complication;

Take Regular Body Massages

Regular massage therapies will mainly concentrate on working on the upper and lower back. The muscles will be relaxed, hence increasing circulation to the brain and legs, since less often does a desk job involve moving from one place to another.

Trigger point therapy, uses everyday items such as tennis ball or foam roller to go about the massage session. You basically use this items to roll over your entire body weight hence becoming critical pain relievers in the long run.

Another thing that will really help is investing in a massage chair. Having one in your living room will ensure your body gets the therapy it needs because you won’t have to allot time to go to a masseuse. Read massage chair comparison guides to determine which type is suitable for your lifestyle. Some chairs even come with a laptop holder – which is great if you often bring your work home from the office.


At least one hour of physical exercise helps in working the legs. Jogging or running will reduce the incidences of varicose veins on the legs, which in the long run way lead to blood clots. The back, neck and shoulders that help in posture are going to be stronger as they are the victims of prolonged sitting.

Moreover, easy exercises such as the egoscue exercises come in handy in lowering chronic lower back pain. This exercise entails use of the wall to re-align the neck and back.

Eye Strain

The most likely cause of this is using a small monitor screen or using small fonts that force you to constantly stare on your screen, hence ‘dry’ eyes. The computer screen should be 20-40 inches away from the eyes. Reduce the glare of your screen.

Finally, it’s important that you own your office, placing files and items at a distance so as you space few seconds to stand and walk around the room to get something. Through this, you are basically working your legs and spine.

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