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Laptop vs Desktop: Which One Is Right for You?

Computers are now important parts of the daily lives of many people. They are used for work, research, communication, entertainment, and more. There used to be only desktops as the choice when computers were introduced. With the continuous development of technology, laptops were developed, manufactured, and offered to the market. If you are purchasing a new computer and you are torn between purchasing a laptop or a desktop, there are factors to consider that will help you arrive in the right decision and we’ll go through them below.

Specifications and Cost

There are desktop computers that have higher specifications than laptops. If you are working on projects that require more space, higher graphics, or higher specifications in general, it would be easier to find a desktop that will fit your needs. They are also generally cheaper than laptops when it comes to cost. For instance, you can find the best laptop for $800, but you will get a desktop at a lower price than that. It’s true that you can now find powerful laptops that can also be used for projects that require high specifications. However, the price can be high too.


It is clear that laptops have the edge when it comes to portability. They can be moved from one place to another without any hassle. There are no cords or cables that you need to worry about. Since they are designed to be carried around, they are smaller, thinner, and more lightweight. Newer models are even more convenient to carry as they are slimmer and they weigh lesser. Desktops are not portable. They are meant to be used in a fixed area. It’s true that you can move them from one place to another but this will be very inconvenient as there are many cables and parts to remove and reassemble. Plus, you cannot use them while on the go as they need to be connected to the outlet. Laptops, on the other hand, can be used even while on the road as they run on battery.

Monitor Size

If your work requires bigger monitor or screen, desktops offer more options. Laptops also come in varying sizes. However, the choices are limited, since they were designed to be portable. Having huge screens will make them difficult to carry.


Your posture may not be one of the things that come in your mind when choosing between buying a laptop and desktop. However, this too is important, especially if you’re going to use your computer for an extended period. Specialists recommend that the computer is on the eye-level when used for good posture. You can easily adjust that with a desktop. This may not be the case with a laptop as it is often below eye level.

There is no one best option for everyone. A desktop might be the right option for one person, but a laptop might be the best choice for the other. Consider the factors listed above so you can determine which one is best for you.

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Why Tech Workers Love Hoverboards

why-tech-workers-love-hoverboardsAs it is, we are in the era of millennials, of fierce 20-somethings who take to social media for just about anything with such frankness that could make the elderly gulp in awe. This world has become a world of tech geeks, too. And there’s no better way to draw both ideals than hoverboards.

Why not? It is quite common to see people in corporate outfits (or not so!) roaming around offices in this popular ride. Hoverboards, in many ways, define how the millennial mind works – a sense of boldness, entitlement, and financially sensible. After all, hoverboard price points only range from $300 to $600. That’s a whole lot cheaper then purchasing and maintaining a car.

Corporate Makeover

The corporate setting has changed a lot in recent years. Much of the offices, especially those in the business of technology development and relevant industries, command a playful vibe. The office culture turned out to become aggressive and freewheeling.

In modern-day office setting, a good number of workers ride hoverboards to go from one room to another, from the offices to the pantry, and everywhere else. They also wear cute OOTDs (outfits-of-the-day) to work, use the megaphone for announcements that were previously served in a form of memo slips, and bring along a pet friend upon time-in. It may not be the most ideal, formal, or conventional surrounding that it used to be but the powers-that-be found it more conducive for great ideas to actually happen. Tech workers are encouraged to harness the best ideas when they are in a freewheeling environment than a pretty controlled one.

Hoverboards Have Become Part of the Tech Workers’ Lifestyle

The innovation in the office setting was mostly accompanied by the rise of hoverboards in popular culture. The gliding gadgets obviously captured the heart of many. In fact, they were the gift of choice for people across generation. Everybody loves them; everybody wants to have them.

Since the use of hoverboards on the streets and pavements of London is kept closely watched by the Metropolitan Police Force and is actually banned with the existence of an old law, people constantly sought for ways on how to maximize their gliding power on hoverboards. Thus, many decided to go about their workday on the pressure-sensitive gadget and have fun in the office like they never had before.

What’s with the Hoverboard?

What made hoverboards as popular as they are now? Well, they made the Segway technology and hovering along a lot more fun. Without the handle bars and the pole that characterize the Segway, it would seem like someone is gliding along on a hoverboard, especially if the rider’s feet are out of sight. In reality, however, you are simply riding a scooter affront, making an impressive balancing act that allows you to speed away or slow down, turn corners or straight ahead, depending on your riding preference.

Hoverboards are easily steered and works very efficiently and safely, depending, of course, on the brand or quality that you are putting your money on. All those great things about the gliding device did not only capture the attention of its market but of industry experts as well.

2015 was an amazing year for hoverboards. CNN named them the coolest pieces of technology that were presented at a Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January. Afterwards, they appeared at awards shows, tech shows, and talk shows, making them the hottest craze that figured in every holiday basket by the end of the year. It’s not only in the United States or London. The craze was on in the rest of the world, too. Hoverboards created a global phenomenon, which made them part of the modern lifestyle.

These days, it is no longer unusual to see people tinkering with their hoverboards just about everywhere. They ride on it indoors and outdoors, too, whenever possible. Take note that UK laws do not cover the area directly in front of the driveway, so they can ride them there. People ride on hoverboards while dancing, while working, while doing daily chores, and whatnots. They have become constant in various scenes, especially in office setting.

Do we see any decline on the hoverboard popularity in the near future? We are afraid not. Now that hoverboards are being seen beyond their value as a toy, expect more people to get on the ride. The cost does not really matter.

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Leave Your Computer and Phone Alone before Bed – It’s Good for Your Health

leave-your-computer-and-phone-alone-before-bed-its-good-for-your-healthWhat time do you normally sleep? You might have noticed that a few years ago, you sleep earlier than the present. This is due to your incessant use of phones or computers. Even if it is already too late, you are still busy finishing your job on your laptop or chatting with your friend on your smartphone. This could be the reason why you can no longer sleep on time. This is why it is in your best interest to leave your computers and phones at least two hours before you hit the sack.

According to studies, the blue and white light given off by your phone and other electronic devices prevents your brain from releasing melatonin. This is the hormone that tells your body that it is nighttime and you have to sleep. After several years of using your phone before sleeping, your body clock has been messed up and it prevents you from sleeping on time.

Avoiding your electronic devices

You need to start changing your ways now. One of the best strategies is to read books instead. It does not have the lights coming from your phone that prevents you from sleeping. It also helps in order for you to fall asleep faster. If you wish to use your phone to set the alarm, then you can set it earlier than you sleeping time or just use voice assisted technology like Siri if you have an iPhone.

Another strategy is to go out with your friends more often or talk to them in person instead of chatting with them on your phone. In doing so, you have nothing else left to chat about. You have already talked with them for a long time. The moment you arrive home, you will just sleep.

Do something now

You can still readjust your body clock. You just have to change your ways for the better. You need to be disciplined and let go of your phone when it is time to sleep. You may also have to research on what is the best adjustable bed in case yours already needs to retire. You can keep doing this up until your body has gotten used to it.

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Taking Care of That Body after Working All Day

Taking Care of That Body after Your Daily Desk JobWhile desk jobs are what most people fancy, such jobs are most likely going to shelve off some of the years you are to live in this world. Many studies have found that, the 9-5 jobs are the leading causes of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and heart attacks. Most people have little time to exercise, eat poorly hence gain unwanted weight in the long run. Here is how to combat some of these complication;

Take Regular Body Massages

Regular massage therapies will mainly concentrate on working on the upper and lower back. The muscles will be relaxed, hence increasing circulation to the brain and legs, since less often does a desk job involve moving from one place to another.

Trigger point therapy, uses everyday items such as tennis ball or foam roller to go about the massage session. You basically use this items to roll over your entire body weight hence becoming critical pain relievers in the long run.

Another thing that will really help is investing in a massage chair. Having one in your living room will ensure your body gets the therapy it needs because you won’t have to allot time to go to a masseuse. Read massage chair comparison guides to determine which type is suitable for your lifestyle. Some chairs even come with a laptop holder – which is great if you often bring your work home from the office.


At least one hour of physical exercise helps in working the legs. Jogging or running will reduce the incidences of varicose veins on the legs, which in the long run way lead to blood clots. The back, neck and shoulders that help in posture are going to be stronger as they are the victims of prolonged sitting.

Moreover, easy exercises such as the egoscue exercises come in handy in lowering chronic lower back pain. This exercise entails use of the wall to re-align the neck and back.

Eye Strain

The most likely cause of this is using a small monitor screen or using small fonts that force you to constantly stare on your screen, hence ‘dry’ eyes. The computer screen should be 20-40 inches away from the eyes. Reduce the glare of your screen.

Finally, it’s important that you own your office, placing files and items at a distance so as you space few seconds to stand and walk around the room to get something. Through this, you are basically working your legs and spine.

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Benefits of Exercises to the Mind and Body of Tech Workers

Benefits of Exercises to the Mind and Body of Tech WorkersIf you are a tech worker, it is normal to spend ten hours each day in front of a computer. Even during the weekends you have family obligations, chores and check on some key projects from work. At the end of the day, you do not have the energy or time for exercise. If you keep this up and in next couple of years, you could be having a host of ailments like nagging pains and aches and life-threatening conditions. Take a look at several benefits of exercise.

Sharpens Memory

The minds of tech workers are usually on overdrive when working on time sensitive projects. Regular physical activity can heighten their ability to learn new things and boosts memory. When you sweat, the production of cells in the hippocampus increases which is responsible for learning and memory. Tech workers should do exercises to develop brain power and also improve on vocabulary retention.

Exercise Manages Weight

Doing exercises helps stop excess weight gain and aids in maintaining weight loss. Tech workers are usually rooted on their desks from morning till evening and if you exercise you burn calories. Most tech workers often eat junk when working and they need to engage in any physical activity to avoid becoming overweight. You can be more active by doing simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also just buy an elliptical machine for your home and use it for at least 30 minutes a day. Not only will this provide you an effective cardio exercise, it will also workout your upper and lower muscles. If you need more convincing about the benefits of an elliptical machine, read more about it by browsing the internet for reviews.

Taps into creativity

Going to the gym can boost your creativity for up to two hours later. In fact, a gym session is better suited for tech workers who should be creative in the work they do. If you want your creative juices to start running, then hit the gym to refresh brain and body at the same time.

Healthy Body

Another primary benefit of exercising is that it improves your health and fitness. Tech workers need to exercise regularly to help maintain and build joints, muscles, and healthy bones. Physical activity also reduces the possibility of disease and illness for certain body types.

The physical strain the tech workers undergo is dangerous for their health. Regular exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease for the workers. Any physical activity aids in the improvement of blood flow lower blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscles. Even something as simple as investing in an adjustable weight bench will do wonders for your body.

Tech workers do not get much exercise, and this can lead to obesity. With proper nutrition and daily exercise, they can prevent this.

It Reduces Stress

There is a lot of stress in a tech company and working out reduces the overall stress levels and improves the workers ability to deal with and respond to a mental taxing situation. Exercising is a way of biologically strengthening up the brain.

Healthy Mood

Tech companies should encourage the employees to exercise regularly to improve how the workers feel about themselves and work surroundings. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and neurotransmitters into the brain. These are the body’s feel-good chemicals that assist tech workers in reducing stress and anxiety.

Tech workers usually work in a high-stress environment, and the effects of a workout can last a couple of hours after exercising and can snap you out of a bad day funk.

The benefits of physical activity for tech workers as highlighted above are beneficial both physically and mentally.

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The Reason For Marketing Success: To Have A Marketing Funnel

600x300xbottom_of_the_funnel_metrics_600x3001.png.pagespeed.ic.WV4YoFYobiThe primary reason which drives many business into success is the by having an effective marketing funnel in its system. This is a process of converting a random stranger to be the customer of your product. This is strategically done by using a lot of techniques which makes him/her to move through your plan which is like a funnel. Marketing Funnel is further categorized into 4 main parts which are:

Awareness: In this stage the potential client is aware of the existence of this product or service. They may be random strangers who has just entered the website for something in particular. It is extremely important for you to retain their interest in the site, by showing them something that they would like. A call to action or a lead magnet is used to give them information on what they are looking for in exchange for their contact details, and you can also find out more about their visit to your website.

Interest: At this stage, they would have shown interest in some or any of your product. The information that has been collected before could be used here in order to show them that is more specific to them and their choice. This would also create a positive impact in their minds, as they would be happy as you have paid attention to their desires.

Content-marketing-funnel-600x474Desire: At this stage, there has been an interest shown by them in a service or product and they have all the information that is needed. Now a keen desire to own the product should be generated using an email or even call to action. You could make them realise how that product is going to help and improve them.

Action: This is the closest step to the actual buying of the product. In this step, you would have to convert this potential customer into a lead. The future customer has all the information required, knows the product as well as has the interest to buy them. In this step the consumer should be made aware of the price, payment options so as to make the decision.

This would not just help in getting new customers but would also encourage customers to buy from you repeatedly as the customer is most likely to have a positive buying experience. They might even tell others about your business which would bring a lot of business. This is an effective strategy that has been employed by many businesses with success. Knowingly and unknowingly we all must have encountered these strategies while being online.

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Strategies For Successful Digital Marketing

MARKETING_banner-compressor-2This is the age of advanced digital excellence and creativity. Today, everyone ranging from a toddler to a grandfather in almost all homes are technology savvy and is acquainted with the latest gadgets and its use. The tools that are available for organizations for online marketing are so many including internet, direct to home television, MP3 players etc. All these marketing technologies are clubbed together as digital marketing.

Sometimes, people do not understand and differentiate internet marketing and digital marketing. However both of these categories are different even though they are inter related. Digital Marketing mostly use two main tools for promotion of goods which are:

Pull Strategy: This is the tool which an organization uses while creating a web page, blog, forum, video/audio streaming etc. This is done in order to create attract attention of the consumers who might search for the products online.

Push Strategy : Just like its name, this strategy diligently pushes the information directly into the prospective consumers through messages, RSS feeds, Podcasts, Phone

Both these strategies have their own disadvantages and advantages while used as digital marketing and has to be used accordingly.

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